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Sexy secretary
Please note, my hair is now more red than blonde. New pic following soon.

Iím in a relationship and am worried youíll be indiscreet. What do you do to avoid mishaps? A number of things...
Firstly, I never make contact with you unless youíve asked me to, and even then only on the number or email address youíve specified as safe.
If I see you in the street I will pretend I donít know you. This is to safeguard you in case Iíve not noticed youíre with someone (and you subsequently have to explain to them how I know you...eeek!).

I will not wear perfume during our date. This is because it has a tendency to come off on clothes. For the same reason, I would respectfully ask you keep aftershave and body spray to a minimum, preferably not wearing it at all. Something to keep your underarms fresh is fine though.

Do you enjoy your job?
On the whole yes I do. As I don't work a "production line" I'm not jaded, despite having been in this business for a few years.

Do your friends and family know what you do?
Yes, everyone that means anything to me knows.

Do you mind if I smoke?
As a non-smoker Iíd rather you didnít.

Do you provide the condoms?
Yes. I have a few different ones so we should find one that fits.

Would you provide OWO?
You may be surprised to learn that there are health risks involved with this practice, therefore it isnít something I offer.

I know youíre already booked, but if I pay extra will you cancel that client and see me instead?
Absolutely not. How would you like it if you were the client I cancelled to see someone else?


Apart from this page, you'll also find some FAQs on my blog

When are you available?
Please see the "Service" page for details of the days and hours I work.

What are your statistics?
34B-27-34. I'm 5'6" in bare feet and about 5'10" in shoes

Is it really you in the pictures?
Yes, and it's often been said they don't do me justice. I'm just not very photogenic unfortunately.

Are the fees all inclusive or are there hidden extras?
There are no hidden extra costs.

Iím a virgin/very inexperienced with women, is this ok?
Iím an empathic and experienced woman who will not rush you, but gently guide you in a relaxed, unhurried, and easy-going way. Iím more than happy to give tuition should you want that.

Iím younger than you, is that OK?
I treat each person individually, but I often find I have more in common with men over 30. Saying that, I have met some lovely men in their 20s, so it really depends on your attitude and how you approach me. If you email in text speak, are disrespectful, or seem immature, then I wonít meet you regardless of age. I have no upper age limit, so as long as you fancy my company Iím happy to see you.

I'm disabled, will you still see me?
Yes, but please let me know your limitations when you book so I'm aware.

I'm shy. Can we get to know eachother before we meet? I'm happy to exchange a couple of emails and I would like you to phone for a chat anyway to prove to me that you're serious, but please bear in mind that due to the nature of the business it really isn't feasible to build a relationship first. You'll just need to bite the bullet and meet me I'm afraid.

Is it ok to buy a gift?
Gifts are never expected, but are gratefully received when given.
I love reading thrillers so if you have one that you've finished with feel free to pass it my way.

M&S milk chocolate Mountain Bar (like Toblerone but nicer)

I'm fascinated by geology and have a small collection of rocks and minerals that I'm always happy to add to...especially a nice piece of Aquamarine. I'm also interested in fossils.

Home grown, organic fruit and vegetables. If you're a keen gardener and have a surplus, I'd be delighted with it.

Wild meat (ooer missus!) such as venison, pigeon, rabbit, squirrel and pheasant makes a slightly unusual but very much appreciated gift. I don't mind if it needs plucking/skinning/butchering either as my pooch loves the scraps!

I love flowers too, especially sunflowers and gerbera daisies. Even nicer would be a bunch of cottage type flowers from your own garden.

I really enjoyed my time with you, can we keep in touch?
Well, this is an awkward one to answer. Receiving the odd email from clients every now and then can be nice, but it's not really appropriate to phone or email purely for chats too often. And please don't forget, as I've mentioned on my bookings page, I don't reply to text messages.

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